Servoday group presents

wood - biomass pellet BAGGING MACHINE


Pellet Bagging Machine

• Operator only enters the weight to be filled
• Weighing errors automatically corrected, tare automatically applied
• Total weight and number of sacks can be monitored
• Preferred number of sacks to use
• Supports templates
• Automatic on hold and warning if the weight is non-acceptable
• Testing and monitoring field workers
• Warning messages
• Auxillary parts and customer service
• Suitable to fill 10 to 50 Kg Bags and Jumbo Bags

Pellet Packing Machine For Bags And Jumbo Bags:

SERVOODAY Bagging Machine is divided into net and gross according to the type of weighing. The weight of the product to be packaged in a net scale is weighed on the pan before filling it into the bag. In the gross scale, the weight is weighed while the product is filled into the bag, that is, together with the bag. The filling mouth of bagging scales varies according to the product type. Weigher filling can be belt-fed, screw-fed, vibro-fed and free-flowing. Belt feeding is used in the packaging of small granular, non-free flowing powder feed, shredded products and pellets. It allows the packaging of different types of products as powder and granular.

Pellet Bagging Machine, suitable for Wood, Feed & Biomass Pellet Plants

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